5 Courses that Allow You to Become a Well-trained Cyber Security Expert

The news of hacking a giant organization or a small company has become common in this world. Though many organizations try to invest a considerable amount of money for the latest technology, there are still some weaknesses in the security system. And, it causes them to become a victim of hacking. As the cyber security becomes the foremost concern to lots of companies, you may develop your career in this field. There are different training programs that allow you to become a certified and knowledgeable cyber security expert. We have presented a list of those courses.

#1 Anonymous Browsing Course

When you are on the web world, your information may get tracked by any illegitimate or legitimate body. You perhaps like to apply a technique for encrypting data. However, that may not give good results. Only anonymous browsing can keep the data away from all the spies and criminals. So, to know the process for this kind of browsing, you can undergo a training program.

The requirements for this course are very simple as you need to know only something about internet systems, OS, and software downloading process. If needed, you have to buy few hardware parts and software programs.

You will learn about all the methods of maintaining privacy, such as VPN, Tor, proxy server, OPSEC, bulletproof hosting and many more. You can gain the maximum level of anonymity, after knowing the methods. With regular practical and theoretical classes, you will achieve-

  • The skills of staying online anonymously
  • A good concept of anonymity, VPNs and leaks of protocol
  • Details of darknet
  • Knowledge on the uses of proxy servers
  • An expertise on SSH
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#2 Endpoint Protection Course

Endpoint protection is one of the major approaches for securing every endpoint, including laptop, desktop or server. This method allows very simple and efficient management of security. While you connect a network and a device, there may be a possibility of malware and threats at endpoints. The tools for endpoint protection help in monitoring and blocking all the malicious actions.

Many of us set a connection of business networks with our PC. In this situation, endpoint protection plays a significant role because it strengthens the main security-related solutions by applying an extra protective layer. Endpoint tools have to fulfill all the standards of security before accessing a network.

To gain knowledge for securing endpoints, you have to consider a training course. This course helps you to-

  • Know all the existing and potential anti-virus systems- Their functions and process of implementation
  • Learn about the traditional and future technologies for endpoint security
  • Monitor and identify the threats, like hackers and malware with deception and detection systems
  • Damage the malware and spyware
  • Know the anti-forensics techniques for data deletion
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#3 Ethical Hacking Course

In almost every sector, security risks have become a common concern. However, the most effective way for preventing these risks is to have an understanding of the techniques of hackers. This is ethical hacking, which allows business units to make the security systems firmer. Ethical hackers have the responsibility of testing the security systems, and they always do it legally. These hackers also assist in working against the unethical activities of other hackers.

Thus, to become a well-skilled ethical hacker, you can choose a course, which helps you to-

  • Do penetration analysis
  • Hack the Wi-Fi
  • Hack any website and gain other practical training

You may also know about the way of scanning websites, network, and various kinds of attacks, malware, and many more. The course also includes instructions on Kali Linux, used to gather information and analyze web apps. After undergoing the course, you can not only get recognition as a cyber security expert but also keep your apps safe. Thus, this course may brighten your career in future.

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Hackers Exposed – A course for cyber security professionals

Lots of spammers, hackers or scammers try to access the online profiles and bank accounts of businessmen and common public. With their techniques, they may also steal money of any person. Hackers apply their trickery and technologies in order to reach their target. Their malicious activities may be of various categories, like phishing, password bypassing, using the exposed Wi-Fi system and many more.

Thus, to overcome the issue of hacking and to expose their hackers’ technique, there is a special training course for you.

The curriculum for this course is designed in such a way that it covers-

  • All the OS issues
  • Threat assessment and modeling
  • Track the infrastructure of hacking
  • Darknet details
  • Hackers’ psychology
  • Base of privacy and security of OS- Solve its problems
  • Instructions on the process of encryption

In addition to it, you can learn about protection against SMShing, phishing and theft of identity. So, you will gain comprehensive knowledge on how to have defense from hackers.

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Network Security Course

The networking system is an important issue to all the computer users. However, when this network is not safe, all your private data may get disclosed. The networking security experts help everyone to run computer efficiently. If you also want to become such security specialists, you need to get trained under the experienced trainers.

What you learn from the course are-

  • Security risk testing
  • Firewall types
  • Wireless protection
  • Weakness of encryption
  • Fingerprinting the browser
  • Password management systems

Thus, you will find a lucrative job with these training programs on cyber security. Or, you may also keep your business data safe by having guidance from the trainers. Duration of training may vary depending on the course, you have chosen. The best training center allows you to get wonderful opportunities and access all the resources, needed for accomplishing the course. As a company owner, you can also ask your staffs to join the training program. The in-depth cyber security guidance will allow your company to stay away from any threat in the digital world.

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