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Data Privacy – Does it Have Impact on Your Mental Health?

Responsible for thousands if not millions of internet incidents, hackers have become a major sticking point for governments, companies and citizens in general, ...

Is FaceApp Safe? – A Deeper Look at the Viral Hit

Trends and Controversies. These are two words that keep getting mentioned in the same breath since the turn of the social media age. Very often, something ...

IPVanish Offers 50% Off All Plans for Amazon Prime Day

Well, it’s that time of the year again. Prime day is upon us again and there is this Christmassy vibe to it. People have flocked to join Amazon Prime just to ...

IPVanish Comes Clean About No-Logging Accusations

"Your privacy is our priority, but your trust in us is equally important.". This is the first line of the IPVanish Privacy Policy statement. Whew, such ...

NordVPN Adds Password Manager to Security Suite

Everyone is raving about the fact that NordVPN has announced NordPass, its proprietary Password Manager- and with good reason. NordPass is NordVPN’s ace in ...

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