IPVanish Offers 50% Off All Plans for Amazon Prime Day

Well, it’s that time of the year again. Prime day is upon us again and there is this Christmassy vibe to it. People have flocked to join Amazon Prime just to take advantage of this once in a year sale craze. With deals as sweet as these, who could blame them? If the figures are anything close to the 100 million subscribers that are being reported, Prime day could soon be the biggest online sales holiday for years to come (if it is not already).

For all the deals on the Prime Day this year (ranging from electronics, fashion, health and beauty, computing, baby products, gaming, etc.), we believe that this is the one you should be excited about – IPVanish 50% off of any subscription you purchase. This is just unbelievable and we will tell you why.

IPVanish is the most advanced VPN service in the world with over 40,000 IPs on over 1,300 servers in 75+ locations. It is totally open and optimized for every operating system available (Linux, Microsoft, Mac OS, Android, iOS).

We know that there may be a VPN out there that is faster (very doubtful) and others that may be cheaper or even free (never go for free when it comes to VPNs), but trust us, for value for money IPVanish, is just about how good it gets.

The speeds are incredible with tests within Europe showing speeds which are only 15- 20% slower than the maximum capability of your ISP. It is very secure and covers almost every part of the world giving users unrestricted access and anonymity from the prying eyes of Internet Service Providers and governments.

Setting IPVanish up is fairly easy and upon launch, the interface is very attractive and easy to manoeuvre. Every feature is docked appropriately and the settings allow every tweak that expert-users would like to see implemented.

With StackPath now the new owners of IPVanish, the transparency of operations and adherence to its zero logging claims has been taken to a whole new level. Privacy has been redefined and with the usage of the highly secure encryption protocol, AES-256, every form of cyber-attack to your IP is sure to be kept off along with the censorship imposed on users by colleges, employers and security agencies.

Another massive, if not daring, bonus IPVanish gives users is the freedom and ‘encouragement’ to use torrent sites without fear. This is an area where many VPNs try to stay clear of but IPVanish is pretty bold about. In fact, the following statement appears on their site: “Without encryption, all of your online activity is viewable by ISPs and other prying eyes- even while you download. But using a VPN allows you to ditch the worry of being watched and torrent anonymously. A safe and secure internet is waiting for you, and it all starts with IPVanish. By using IPVanish, ditch the worry of being watched so you may torrent freely and privately. Safe and secure internet is waiting for you and it all starts with IPVanish.” Subscribers are sure to love this even though it is certainly abrasive to copyright protection preachers.

Add to the fact that IPVanish has a generous 10-device limit, this offer is looking to be the best deal of Prime Day.  We couldn’t afford to keep it to ourselves and you can’t afford to miss out on this. Connect all your friends and loved ones with just one subscription; give them the gift of Prime.

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