NordVPN Adds Password Manager to Security Suite

Everyone is raving about the fact that NordVPN has announced NordPass, its proprietary Password Manager- and with good reason.

NordPass is NordVPN’s ace in the hole when it comes to password security. Nowadays, most of the sites that users visit ask for a subscription in one way or the other. Meanwhile, the only way of identifying and protecting these users is by using a username and password – something that has not changed in a long time. This has created a bit of a conundrum for users as they are forced to use the same password on multiple sites or use very simple iterations of passwords that are pretty hackable.

People who care a bit more about their online security manage to create fairly uncrackable and non-repeating passwords, yet, remembering becomes another challenge. Many opt for their browsers to remember the passwords but this is very unsafe as anyone who uses the same computer you have logged into once can just use this browser feature to enter any of your accounts. The few who record each password in writing or electronically also face this similar problem of theft. Imagine that a book containing all your sites and the passwords to them got into the wrong hands. That would be truly devastating. This is where NordPass comes in.

In NordVPN’s quest to become the goto security solution for everything tech-related, NordPass has been touted as the next big step towards this goal. It encrypts passwords and stores them beneath layers of security whiles allowing you to generate secure passwords rather than coming up with your own.

NordPass comes in with an Advanced Encryption Standard AES- 256-GCM) encryption that uses the cryptographic hashing algorithm, Argon 2 which has never been broken into in real-time. Such is its complexity that the estimated amount of time needed by a hacker to decipher is far longer than the life expectancy of the hacker or the system being used for the decryption. With this, online security is sure to make the much-needed strides we have been asking for.


Apart from the fact that it helps users generate their passwords, NordPass also remembers each of them and auto-fills them in any form on the World Wide Web. Users can have a different password for every account yet will have to remember only their NordPass password. As such, they ensure that only strong passwords are used to keep you protected. At the heart of the campaign to switch to NordPass is its new zero-knowledge encryption scheme. Your passwords go through a process of encryption that ensures that you are the only one who own the key to open them. Not even the engineers at NordVPN can open them when they are backed up to its servers. With this encryption process and an already huge customer base for its parent company, it is not hard to see why NordPass will be an imminent threat to other dedicated password management companies like LastPass, 1Password and Keeper.

Through the reputation and brand awareness of the company via its VPN service, NordPass is hoping to reach as many customers and see immediate growth on the market. This is evident by a statement on their official site which says,” NordPass is brought to you by the cybersecurity experts who built NordVPN – the advanced online security and privacy app trusted by more than 12 million users worldwide”.

NordPass is expected to work on Android, iPhone, Windows, Mac, Linux, Mobile Web App and Windows Phone. The regions to receive initial support are the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, India, Mexico, South America, Canada and most of Europe. It will come with Online Support, Telephone Support, Video tutorials and FAQs.

NordPass is expected to fully launch in the fall of 2019. Right now, it is undergoing rigorous beta testing whiles there have been rumours of Early Access to some 20,000 subscribers. According to, an estimated 1000 premium accounts have been claimed. With a NordVPN coupon, the security suite and the password manager will be available for a bargain price!


Exciting times are truly ahead and we can’t wait to see the impact NordPass will have in the security niche. With its zero-knowledge encryption process, the only way for anyone to access your sensitive data is to find out your master password, which is possible when you do not log out of your account when you use a public computer or someone hacks your device.  These are situations that are not really in the hands of any Password Manager so you could do well to take the needed precautions. After all, safety is a collective effort.

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