NordVPN Teams – The Perfect VPN for Businesses

Virtual Private Network or VPN has been widely used in many business industries today. The demand for it has become even higher as more and more security threats are discovered with the use of the internet. When it comes to trusted VPN providers, NordVPN is one of the best, and they have recently launched a business-focused VPN solution called “NordVPN Teams”.

In this article, we are going to take a look at the history of NordVPN, its advantages, and disadvantages and its new offering, the NordVPN Teams.

The History of NordVPN

NordVPN is a VPN services provider that offers applications for desktops with Windows, Linux, and macOS operating systems. They also provide mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. The company is strategically based in Panama, where there are no data retention policies.

In recent years, NordVPN has been highly praised for its incredible security feature and vast network of service. They are also known for their easy to use application features. However, its price tag has been deemed too pricey for many users.

How Does NordVPN Work?

Basically, NordVPN routes the internet traffic of its user to a remote server, which encrypts all the outgoing and incoming data and conceals their IP addresses. NordVPN utilizes Internet Key Exchange V2 and OpenVPN technologies in their applications. Aside from that, NordVPN offers double encryption and P2P sharing servers as well.

When you subscribe to NordVPN, you can use its desktop or mobile phone applications to encrypt your internet activities. The typical subscription allows the user to connect a maximum of 6 gadgets simultaneously.

NordVPN Teams

nordvpn teams

NordVPN has commonly been used as a personal way to bypass geographical restrictions over the internet. However, in September 2019, they launched a business solution which they called NordVPN Teams. Its primary purpose is to provide small and medium businesses, freelancers, and remote teams a way to have easy and secure access to resources. Here are some of its notable features:

1. Dedicated Company Servers

NordVPN Teams provides a different server to your company. It will also allocate the same IP address whenever you connect to the VPN Network. This is an excellent feature because it allows your company to do customizations according to your needs and preferences.

2. Control Panel

NordVPN is known for providing easy to use applications, and their new product certainly has that feature as well through its control panel. The NordVPN Teams has a control panel that allows oversight among its users. This enables the company owners to manage permissions and even add new users using a centralized dashboard.

3. Custom Gateways

Another Feature of NordVPN that is geared to business management is its custom gateways. This helps owners easily track their teams and branches.

4. Default Location

There is no more need to individually set server location as NordVPN will automatically connect to the set server location once they use the service or when they power up their devices.

5. Activity Logs

With the NordVPN Teams, you will be able to see what gateways your coworkers are continually using and whether they are online or not.

6. 24/7 Support

NordVPN Teams users also receive 24/7 customer service from a dedicated account manager.

The Advantages of Using NordVPN Teams

Now that you have a clearer idea of what NordVPN Teams is, you may be wondering what’s its edge against the ordinary application subscription NordVPN offers. To help you answer that question, here are several advantages you can get from NordVPN Teams that is unavailable to the regular subscriptions:

1. Efficiency

By using NordVPN Teams, each employee or team member can be allocated with a personal VPN account. This makes management and tracking access to shared information easier, especially with the use of its control panel.

2. Security

There is no doubt that there are times where accessing a company’s sensitive data needs to be done outside the company’s infrastructure. During these types of events, the possibility of hacking or information leakage is imminent. However, by using NordVPN Teams services, that can be highly mitigated.

Regardless of whether you are using a local coffee shop’s wifi or a shared office, you can be assured that you are free from snooping. This is even more useful when you have team members who live in different parts of the world with varied internet security.

3. Consolidated Cost

If you are a company with hundreds of employees working remotely, then you know that paying for individual VPN accounts can be costly. While using NordVPN coupon can be worthwhile, it’s still expensive to buy individual VPN accounts. By using NordVPN Teams, that will certainly not be an issue because rather than paying for individual accounts, you will pay a consolidated price instead. The consolidated price is discounted based on the number of licenses you require and when clubbed with a nice coupon, it’s savings on steroids!

4. Scalable Platform

Another advantage that you may appreciate with the NordVPN Teams is scalability. You can start by licensing a certain number of users, and as your company grows, you add more to it. This feature certainly makes it accessible for small-time businesses because the starting cost is proportionate to their needs and capacities.

Is it Worth it?

If you are a small or medium-sized business, NordVPN Teams is undoubtedly worth it. It helps improve business management through its control panel functions. It also allows scalability, which is definitely needed as your company grows. Most of all, it is cost-efficient compared to paying individual premiums.

However, if you are a single freelancer who needs VPN services, the NordVPN Teams is not worth it for you. The primary reason for that is the cost since it covers more users and more features. Moreover, if you are a remote worker who mainly uses VPN for bypassing geographical restrictions, then the regular NordVPN applications will serve you much better in terms of practicality.

Final Thoughts

Businesses will undoubtedly benefit from NordVPN in terms of practicality and security. Its long list of amazing features can be a great tool to handle high valued data securely. It is customizable for companies’ needs and preferences as well. However, if you are a single user and not a company, it is not an ideal VPN solution for you. You can find more value by sticking to the individual subscription.

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