PureVPN 69% Off Promotional Coupon Code

PureVPN is offering some superb deals on all their VPN plans. PureVPN doesn’t use coupon codes and instead run special promotions with discounted prices very often. So, if you buy any VPN package during the offer period, the discount will automatically be applied to your bill. We keep a close eye on PureVPN promotions and update this post regularly so that you can sit back and save money.

Save 69% on PureVPN (Only Today)

PureVPN is currently hosting a sale on their website. Sign up during the offer period and save up to 69% on their VPN service. Enjoy unlimited fast & reliable VPN service at just $3.75 a month. This deal is valid on all the monthly, half-yearly and yearly plans. All their plans come with a 3-day money back guarantee 7-day full money back guarantee.

The updated prices are as follows:

TermRetail PriceAfter Using CouponDiscount
1 Year$143.40$45.0069%
6 Months$71.70$44.9537%
1 Month$11.95$9.9517%

As it can be clearly seen from the pricing table, the ‘1 Year’ plan is the most value for money option available. The 6 months plan almost costs the same as the yearly plan (only 5 cents cheaper) where as the monthly plan is too expensive. Once again there’s no coupon code or promotional code to utilize this ongoing deal. Simply visit the special page on PureVPN and when you click on the ‘Buy Now’ button, you’ll see the following discounted prices.

purevpn prices

PureVPN offers a seven day money back guarantee on all their plans. Previously they offered only a 3-day window to their customers to ask for refund, but now they’ve increased the window to 7 days which will provide you more room to test their services. So for any reason should you feel unsatisfied with their service, you can simply ask for a refund. I don’t think you will ever need to ask for one, but still it’s always good to know that you can should need arise. 1 million customers can’t be wrong after all.

How to use the coupon?

How to Use the PureVPN Coupon?

You need not be a superman to use the PureVPN deals. PureVPN rarely offers coupon codes since most of their offers are deal based that means you need to follow a special link to utilize those discounts. But if there’s a coupon available, how do you use it? Here’s how!

1. Visit this special link on your web browser. Upon clicking the link, you’ll be taken to the special page on purevpn.com where you will be able to utilize the deal or use the coupon code if there’s one available.

2. Once you’re on the deal page, click on the ‘Buy Now’ button below the plan you wish to purchase. (I highly recommend that you buy the yearly plan because with it you can rake in most savings.)

how to use purevpn coupon 1

3. Next, you’ll be taken to the check out page. You can add additional services or features like SmartDNS, Web Protection, NAT Firewall, StealthVPN Browser, Dedicated Streaming, Dedicated IP or DDoS Protection to your account if you want to. After the adding the required add-ons, look to your right for a ‘Enter promotion code’ link. Hint: It’s below the total amount you’ve to pay.

how to use purevpn coupon 2

4. Click on the link and paste the PureVPN promotion code.

5. Hit the ‘Apply’ button after pasting the coupon. If the coupon you’ve entered is active, the discount will be applied to your bill.

how to use purevpn coupon 3

6. Choose one of the available payment options which include PayPal, AliPay, etc.

7. Click on the ‘Proceed to Checkout’ button.

how to use purevpn coupon 4

8. You’ll be taken to the payment page. Complete the payment.

Upon successful payment, you’ll be taken to your account dashboard from where you can access the various services you opted for with instructions to set them up.

Answers to Your Questions / Tips

PureVPN FAQ / Tips

1. There’s NO PureVPN deal going on right now. What should I do?

Well, I’d suggest you to not wait for a deal to go live. Rarely does PureVPN launch new coupons.

2. How often does PureVPN launch new deals?

There’s no fixed period after which they launch a new coupon code. As far as I’ve observed, they do not launch new deals very often.

3. Does PureVPN offer ‘Money Back Guarantee’?

Yes, they do. All their plans come with a 7-day Money-back Guarantee. In this 7-day window if you’re unsatisfied with their service or any aspect of it, you can ask for a full refund. They won’t ask a thing, trust me.

4. Yearly & Half-yearly plans ‘almost’ cost the same. Why?

Forget the reason and buy the yearly plan before the promotion ends.

5. How many devices can I use with PureVPN?

Unlimited. You can install PureVPN on unlimited number of devices, however you can use it on only 5 of your devices simultaneously. For most of the users that’ll be sufficient.

6. Can I choose the server of my choice?

Absolutely! Not only that, you can change the server at your will.

7. Can I switch servers?

Yes. Feel free to change servers whenever you want. They’ve no cap on the number of times a user can change servers. Feel free to use any server you want.

8. Is PureVPN compatible with my device?

Well, PureVPN is compatible with more than 20 devices which include Android, iOS, Mac, Linux, Roku, Windows, Chromecast, Routers, Amazon Fire, Smart TV’s and more.

9. Tip: Add ‘SmartDNS’ to your account for Free.

To those who don’t know, add SmartDNS to your account for no extra fee. Its usually available at $2.99 a month, but it’s available for free for an unspecified duration.

10. Should I Buy that ad-on?

Well, yes, if you need it. However you can add add-ons to your account later on. So, you can skip that for now.

11. Is there a bandwidth cap?

No. You can stream unlimited content off PureVPN, download unlimited movies or games or stuff and browse innumerable websites.

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